May 25, 2010

2010 Chinese Culture Festival Huaiyin • Oriental maternal grand opening

May 20 morning, the East China 2010 Huaiyin maternal Cultural Festival in the new park built in the East maternal grand opening. CPC Central Committee, Social and Legislative Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, vice director of the China Women Development Foundation Chairman Huang Qingyi, committee member of Chinese Writers Association, secretary of the Secretariat Zhang Shengyou, Provincial People's Congress deputy director of the Ding in China, the provincial CPPCC Vice-Chairman Chen Baotian, Sheng Wenlian President Gu Hao, president of People's Medical Publishing House Qi Xue-Jin, China Women's Development Foundation, the Secretary-General Tai Guoying, deputy secretary general of the provincial government Xiao Quan, President Zhang Jingxia Provincial Women's Federation, the World Women Summit Foundation Director Wu Qing, Chinese Academy of Wu Sculpture , executive vice president of China Association for Zhou Ming prose, city leaders LIU Yong, Chen Hongyu, Liu Xiping, Zhu Weining, Friends Chao Liu, Zhu friendly winter, our region has served as the county (district) party committees, District four classes子 leaders, representatives of business investment in the Huai, Huaiyin out outstanding persons on behalf of the township, district directly responsible for various departments who, on behalf of the community, elected "Huaiyin contemporary Piaomu" attended the opening ceremony. Mayor Greer presided over the opening ceremony.

Ding in China at the opening ceremony, said that culture is the soul of a nation with blood, reflects the national cohesion, the attraction and appeal. Huaiyin District adhere to the scientific concept of development in recent years, guidance, and vigorously promote the industrialization and urbanization, strong heritage historical context, to vigorously promote the culture of maternal love extends to people-oriented, in speeding up the process of building a harmonious Huaiyin Ningxinjuli, achieved fruitful results. Changes in the way of economic development in the critical period, Huaiyin District, Eastern motherly love by holding cultural festivals, the pace of opening up further Huaiyin to raise the visibility of Huaiyin, Huaiyin better display the history of culture, style and achievements of the times, which is Huaiyin District cadres and the masses through innovation to promote economic and social development of major initiatives. Hope to further expand the East Huaiyin District Cultural Festival maternal influence, and strive to be more innovative, more features, more effects, more effective in running the current, and promote sound and rapid development Huaiyin.

Party Secretary Liu Yongzhong said in his speech, the mother is the world's warmest, most intimate appellation, maternal love is the most beautiful on earth, the most noble and most timeless emotions. Maternal culture is an important part of traditional culture, but also a number of culture full of vitality, appeal and influence of cultural patterns. Two thousand years ago, Piaomu selfless food to the young sub-Han Xin, Han Xin make contributions after the return of gratitude, interpretation of the "daughter of a rice" moving chapter, and describe the age-old stories of selfless love, a "love Huaiyin" the history of the source and cultural roots. This sincere and selfless maternal nurturing great people here focus their assistance with mercy, love tolerance, famous, good quality will be reported is the Huai rare cultural heritage and spiritual wealth. Cultural Festival organized by the East motherly love is through praise Piaomu spirit, extolling the great maternal love, carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, mining precious and unique culture in our city and cultural wealth of the spirit, in order to further demonstrate Huai Yun culture, promote cultural characteristics God, speed up the cultural city building, constantly enhance the city's soft power and competitiveness. Hope that the dig Huaiyin true feelings of motherly love, full of culture, and constantly enriching and innovative content, and vigorously promote the selfless love of a beautiful human emotions, promote caring, and good habits of others, will result in Huaiyin maternal Festival hit unique brand of external publicity, demonstrate the importance of urban image carrier, a good platform to promote investment, to open a different competition to win special scientific development.

Party Secretary Liu Xuejun at the opening ceremony. He first representative of the district committee and National People's Congress, District Government, District Political Consultative Conference and the region's 900,000 people participated in the East to come to mother love festival leading members and guests a very warm welcome to all the world to the ordinary and great mothers my highest respect. Xuejun said the Millennium ancient Huaiyin County, Qin Dynasty, home county, in 2009 awarded by the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names of Ancient County of winning the Millennium. Huaiyin is the maternal love of all is the generation of soldiers and Huaxia Xian Xian Han Xin mother Piaomu home. Unnamed Piaomu, with its legendary fortune and the great selfless feelings, leave us a valuable legacy of the great maternal love, Piaomu image of motherly love has to be China, the cultural symbols and selfless love, love our Huaiyin culture of origin. Xuejun said that love is a cultural heritage Huaiyin building is a concept of governance, is a practical livelihood, is a development practice. In recent years, district party committee and government unite and lead the region's people to seriously practice the scientific concept of development, with innovative thinking, open attitude and high morale, for the region's rapid economic and social development, and has made unremitting efforts and achieved gratifying results. At this point, hold the East China 2010 Huaiyin maternal cultural festival that "maternal love of all building, construction, Huaiyin love", it is hoped that by virtue of inheritance Piaomu, promote love and culture, and vigorously promote "honesty, love, tolerance, and progressive" social practice, training of cadres loyal to my love of the heart area, people to help kindheartedness, social inclusion and compassionate, caring culture and enhance the attractiveness and appeal to the whole region to fully arouse the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship out of the region upper and lower attention to promoting the development of lead up, relying on the cultural festival as a carrier platform, Huaiyin rising popularity, showing Huaiyin new image and promote Huaiyin leapfrog development and strive for 3-5 years through the efforts of cadres of the evaluation index, the masses of well-being index , index of social civilization has been markedly improved. Implementation of "people oriented, with Germany as the first" People First concept is more to a firm, "love with mercy, famous, will be reported" more to love culture and prosperity, "the people satisfaction, logistical support" the people's livelihood is more to Pratt & Whitney, "competed to rise across the development" a more comprehensive strength to grow and strive to build itself into the East Huaiyin Holy Mother Love, love and cultural treasure, enriching Huimin blessed land beyond the development of high ground.

The opening ceremony, the daughter of Bing Xin Wu Qing literary master and Oriental sculpture Piaomu maternal theme park as the creator of the Wu Hill made a statement. Loving mother to take care of four orphans Li Yumei, silent world of the guides for Gengbao Xia, unfortunate girl's lucky star Jin Xiuhua, good Shiniang Chen Qiaorong fishermen's children, positive self-martyrs widow Lan-Ying Wang, emotional ties to home phoenix nest Wu Haixia, Gratitude gratitude " After 80, "Cai-Xia Zhang, poor people's close friends Zhu Guizhen, slip juvenile" Loving Mother "Zhang Shaoping, independent business leader in Guilan, etc. 10 of the first" modern Piaomu Huaiyin "were commended.

Huang Qingyi announced Huaiyin China 2010 Cultural Festival in the East motherly love.

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May 12, 2010

A pair of mother and son separated after 21 years to recognize Mother's Day in

May 9 is Mother's Day. Morning, with the police to Zhangshao Xiu Xian Yuan Song and both were officially announced that they are after the biological mother-child relationship, which separated the mother and child up to 21 years in the final in the Mother's Day to recognize each other.

    Early in January this year, Shaanxi Province, to Xi'an Zhang Shaoxiu women Hanyin County Police, said 21 years ago, her two-month-old son was taken away Yuan Song and has been missing for various reasons over the years did not report to the public security organs, they are unsuccessful, a number of occasions to find the child, the child may now inquire into Nanyang City in Henan Province, but the exact address is unknown.

    After receiving the report, Xian-depth investigation the police were immediately deployed to find the child's whereabouts. After visiting, the public security organs had been a Xieqin Sheqi County in Nanyang City, farmers Wang to the police provided a valuable clue, said Ryu village villagers adopt a child in about 20 years ago, had a child, after has sent his wife,broethr broethr Fang Wu County erlangmiao Township home, the child has been called his uncle. At a time when Wu and his wife has died, leaving two boys, one named David Wu's like the police find the child. Police immediately went to Henan to lead Zhang Shaoxiu identification.

    The morning of May 6, in support of the police in Henan, police met with Wu, and began investigating his personal life. Day to 11 am, all kinds of evidence essential to determine, Wu Jianguo is taken away 21 years ago to Yuan Song. Zhang Shaoxiu mixed feelings after hearing the news. To further determine whether Wu Jianguo Zhang Shaoxiu and the biological mother-child relationship, investigators returned the next day with David Wu, a medical identification of Shaanxi.

    9 am, the Criminal Technology Division of Xi'an Public Security Bureau official to inform the police handling the case Lintong, after technicians overnight DNA test to determine Zhang Shaoxiu and David Wu (Chung Yuan) is really the biological mother-child relationship, Zhang Shaoxiu and 21 years lost son of the former official to recognize Yuan Song, reunion.


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May 05, 2010

Message sent to the mother

★ like cheerful songs, moments of Angel. Wish of joy and always with you. I wish you a happy holiday!

★ mother, happy holidays, beautiful health and happiness.

★ Today is Mother's Day, like every star in heaven, all you shining in the sky ... ...

★ I wish my mother a successful career, forever young and beautiful.

★ festival in the mother, you always young and beautiful, you will always be in my mind, a good mother.

★ I want to tell you, mother you are tough, I will use my actions to repay you, I love you mom!

★ wish Mom a happy holiday and good luck, smile always bright.

★ In this special festival, the young mother, I wish you always beautiful.

★ usual, I'm always naughty, and provoked the angry mother, but in fact, I have always loved you, would like to be your Melissa. I wish my mother a safe and happy every day!

★ I wish my dear mother, Young, Beautiful, smooth, all wishes come true. You have worked hard all these years.

★ Although no longer need you to help me make up the clothes, no longer require you to personally prepare meals for my home for dinner, but my mother taught me, you will always remember, you are assured of a comfortable old age bar.

★ I am like a bird, the feathers on each share your affectionate caress and earnest instructions, let me out of heaven and earth in free flight, your arms like a tree, will always be my warm home.

★ Fool's Day Christmas Valentine's Day, all can be less foreign section, in addition to Mother's Day! Each year in May, because of the beautiful Mother's Day, I want a special holiday best wishes to my mother happy holidays!

★ sang "There are only a good mother," the song, poems from the "Song of a Wanderer," a cordial and sincere Praise of Motherhood. Maternal love is trivial, frivolous, and also great, like the spring sunshine, warmth unparalleled, lighting up the children's heart. Mom, Happy birthday! I wish you a happy day and good luck! I Love You!

★ examinations well, you will encourage me; people bully me, you will cheer for me; proud when I become complacent, you will remind me ... ... In my mind, and you tough and gentle. Mom, I love you, wish you happy holidays!

★ grow in your care, we are fragile seedlings from the tree grow into a tree. Today, we grow up, and you have add a lot of gray hair, you have no desires without any complaints from your kind eyes, I read, this is the world's greatest family - mother love. Today is Mother's Day, let me offer here for your holiday wishes.

★ Mama I thank you gave me life, that you taught me the truth in life, no matter how kind the future, I will always love you! In this part of your holiday, wish you happy holidays and happy!

★ Mom, Mother's Day today, I would like to say to you: you are my mother, a confidant and friend of the perfect combination.

★ Mom is the Best! Mom, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

★ Let us give a little love and caring mothers, even the heat of a fan; in the winter, a sweater, so his mother always felt concerned about their children.

★ I loudly announced to everyone: Mom, I love you!

★ Mom you care about taking care of me since childhood, grow up I want to repay you.

★ Although my mother was not very pretty, but in my eyes, she will always be the most beautiful mother!

★ Mama, you pay so much for me, we should also try to return the. I want to learn, to make a success to return your test. Mom, I always love you.

★ Mom, I wish you good health and beauty every day, can get along very well with my father, family harmony and coexistence.

★ Mom, today is Mother's Day, I give you a cup of warm tea, to express my mind, wish you all things to please, forever young! Look, today, the sun so warm, so bright, with the sun

The public are asked for you too!

★ dear mother, I usually always naughty words you do not hear, tiresome to you. Today is "3" Women's Day, is your holiday, I will listen to your words, help you to do some small household chores, you Chuichui back, Daobei Cha. You see! The sky was so clear today, as if to celebrate with me you: happy holidays too!

★ Mom: I wish you a happy day, forever young!

★ Mom: I wish you good health and happiness, always beautiful!

★ Thank days, gratitude, thank you for giving me life, my dear mother.

★ If I were a writer, my first work will be the "mother"; If I were singers, I sing a song will also be the "mother."

★ I wish my mother every day happy, happy day! A good mood every day.

★ Mom: I wish you forever young and beautiful, like mother's heart never as happy as for the holidays.

★ Mom: I love you, if you are the blue sky, white clouds of heaven I would like to do; if you are mountain, I would like to do mountain trees; If you are the sea, I would like to do the fish, I wish my mother a happy holiday.

★ Mom, I wish you good health, happy holidays, work smoothly. Mom, please do so after the temper temper, it would be more respectable it! That I would be more sensible, and not tiresome to you.

★ Mom, you like the moon, I like small stars, do not you, there would not be me, and I can not do without you, you grew up with me, looked at me and walked every step of a down. Today - Mother's Day, I faithfully bless you: in youth, good luck, happy holidays.

★ Mom, I know I am a naughty child, always doing bad things makes you angry, I know you as I spent a lot of hard work, you must want me to listen to your words, learn, I will do, in your The festival, I wish you good health and happiness, happy holidays.

★ Mama, you are a tree, I am bird. Mom, you are the sea, I am small fish. Mom, you are the sky, I am white clouds. Whether you're into what I have been at your side. Mom, you will always be my mother.

★ Mama You work hard, that you nurture my adult, and it is your life to teach me the principles. Here, I thank you mom. Here I would like to wish you happy holidays loyal, also mothers who wish the country a happy holiday.

★ Dear Mom, you are the first teachers in my life, you is my mother and my friends, we are close, talk about anything, like a small river fish without water. In this special day, I wish you forever loyal beautiful, healthy and happy!

★ your mom both in learning and life is very concerned about me, encouraged me to let me have confidence in ourselves. I want to wish you happy holidays, good health, smiling, smooth, good mood every day.

★ Dear Mom, you have to travel often, travel Shihai never forget her daughter has called me for traveling, you should pay attention to your body, the body is the most important, you usually work, especially in the busy, so hard so tired, go home have to care about my learning, yourself went, for me to buy this, buy that, I really hope my mother will always be young and more beautiful every day.

★ Mother's Day came, I pushed my own, in this special day, please allow me to say: "Mom, I love you!"

★ Mama, I wish you happy every day a little more, health more, worry less, work along a little, and finally a little happy family life. And me? Study hard every day that a little more sensible.

★ Mama, you go to work meticulously, never sloppy. You also busy at home home, often tired tired. Sometimes you have to worry about learning for me, Saturdays and Sundays you have to send me to the hobby classes, I think you're too tough mother. I want to say the word, that is: "Mama, Mama I love you, like a mouse loves the rice." I wish you "38" Happy Women's Day.

★ I wish my mother good health and happiness every day, I will study hard to repay the kindness of your parenting.

★ I wish my mother a happy day, everything goes, every year more than onward and upward, perfectly healthy, beautiful every day.

★ Mama you are the hard gardener, I like beautiful flowers. You nurture me up with my growth, almost all the time to accompany me. Look, I support you to get extremely delicate, yet you are tired. Your smile, always in my heart. I wish you: good health, good luck!

★ When I was sick, you are always concerned me, so I wish you good health. When I was learning difficulties, you always encouraged me to learn, so I wish you a successful career. When I need your time, you are always by my side. I wish you more and more young and more beautiful. Finally, I want to tell you, Mom, I love you.

★ Although you can not be considered beautiful, but also have the wrinkles, but in my eyes, you are the best, although you earn much, but your arms can not be any money for the. I wish you success in your work every day happy. Mom, you are the mother, whom I respect, I will always love you.

★ I wish my mother always young, always beautiful, good mood every day.

★ I wish my mother good health and happiness, eternal youth.

★ Mama, you are my spring seedlings, gently whisk you touch my face, you are my flower gardener, your heart cultivation me, you are the candle, I was house, you light up the room, but burning his own mother you brought me to this world, you gave me bright eyes, so I went to observe the world, you gave me sharp ears, so I went to listen to this world, my mother - Happy holidays!

★ You are a tree, leaning on your fantasy spring, summer, relying on your lush, ripe autumn leaning on your winter relying on you to ponder. You are that tall, broad crown, making Shino never deserted. Mother like fertile land, I like the land of a blade of grass, giving the mother is endless, and my reward is meager. Choi Ha fly to the beautiful into your life, this is my greatest prayer.

★ annual International Mother's Day has come to our side, in this festival, I remembered that my good mother. 12 years ago, the young ignorant as I can remember a blank, although I do not know how you hold me to the hospital late at night in the emergency room, though do not know how you teach me over and over again to speak ... ... but I am very clear Without you, I do not have today, and here I wish you good health and happiness forever.

★ Dear Mom, You are my pillar of growth is the starting point of my life is my best teacher. Hope you are not old Shoubinanshan Song, Fu, such as the East China Sea Flows.

★ In my mind, you are the light, light up my life. You are great, you are my flesh and blood coagulation and shaping my soul. If you are the rain, that I am the rainbow after the rain; If you are the sun, then I was illuminated by your flowers. In Spring the arrival of the Auspicious, I wish you a happy Mother's Day.

★ You are in the mountains emission a hot, little drops of beads cemented my ideal, ding pound, for my heart sounds played aggressive. Your words like gurgling streams seep into my hearts, stirred my desire for a better life. If I were a writer, I first work is "mother", if I were singers, my first song is "Mother." Dear Mom, I wish you happy holidays!

★ Perhaps I am headstrong, stubborn, make you worry about tiresome to you; maybe I love to own, and try to be smart and put your words as wordy, but in my heart, Mom, I love you!

★ not with the passage of time, is your love; not with the years of indifference, is my vow: Mother Festival Leisure!

★ Dian who estimated the weight out of this love? Who can measure the situation of the deep? Mother! Your love, has a beginning, without end; your situation, there is the source, without end. This endless, endless love and friendship, children will always remember!

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April 29, 2010

2010 Men's four themes Qipai

2010 spring and summer, based on the financial crisis on the apparent impact of the fashion industry, forcing even the future of fashion design has become more practical. Meanwhile, in order to ease the atmosphere of serious depression, men's designer expectations Qipai full of light through, comfort and happiness inspired design for the customer to bring more calm and a sense of security like home!

Season features innovative products that "create a Chinese man body beautiful" concept, for the East in particular the shape of Chinese men to study the version of the Fit model, continue to pursue each stitch of the process, developing production for the Chinese men's physical beauty clothing, piercing beauty, piercing self-confidence.

China Collar Series:

Creation of Chinese men Elegance

In the design of the Chinese stand collar, is the basis for the version of type long focus on focus on cultivating and fit, combined with Chinese men's body contour, slim version release type. Through the chest, waist circumference, shoulder width narrow the size of the appropriate treatment, and the overall version of model is more suitable for Chinese men wearing more perfect embodiment of Chinese men's curve, Elegance.

City series:

"Wisdom of life "------" confidence and wisdom" of fashion dress

Wisdom, insight, whims and life. The face of complex and noisy, Rui visionary change can often restore the whims of the self. City series single jacket and casual shirt as the core product line, including a series of apparel products are fashion styles, such as with the West and the jacket will match the fashionable style shirts, collared knit shirts, sweaters and matching trousers for leisure single and fashion accessories. Series theme colors: blue and white, brown and beige, khaki, blue water, colorful, clean bright color scheme, is Qipai Spring 2010 Men's "wisdom of Life" series will be the main theme. American men alive for the modern male wardrobe a whole new look.

Business Series:

"Calm and refined Gezhi "----" life," the success of dress

CMP ARTS, Gezhi life. Face pressures and challenges, open-minded, tolerant Broadcom, often interpreted Gezhi life. In the spring and summer to light, comfortable set of characterized single-west Western and leisure categories based push products, with fashion and a half years and no where sophisticated technology, including combination with the windbreaker suits, business shirts, business class line shirt Single trousers, and accessories business series. Series theme color: navy blue, white and dark gray with light blue as the keynote, jade, coral pink tone, reflecting business men fresh, simple, comfortable, classic style of dress.


"Romantic passion and longing "----" life" personality Dress

The release of passion, romantic life. The face of love and partner, passionate treasure, often compose romantic fairy tale. Swept through many years of cowboy fashion circles rarely even a man's wardrobe Qipai series appeared! This is the winter 09 years Qipai product R & D efforts to change the situation. In the 2010 spring and summer, launched a new "romantic life," the theme of Qi series of jeans products, and the series continued development in the style made a great effort and innovation.

Outdoor Series:

"Delightful Life "------" release and Ease" being reckless dress

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April 24, 2010

Mama Swatow Samsung Digital Photo Frame Mother's Day Lucky Draw

May 9, 2010 went to the annual Mother's Day every year on this day, children are racking their brains trying to send a gift to my mother. About the Chinese tradition of the original implicit,HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|Laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| leading people do not often put these three words I love you in the mouth, so, by rewarded by this festival and condolences about her mother, with concrete actions to express their love to the mother, then even more important.

Having said that, is not it a bit depressing to send what? Carnations or health products? Or Xiaobian to introduce a baby to it, both as a short shelf life like flowers, but also not so popular health products, but rather a practical and convenient fashion gift - Samsung Digital Photo Frame SPF-1000P.

Mama Swatow Samsung Digital Photo Frame Mother's Day Lucky Draw

Samsung Digital Photo Frame 1000P is a market response was very good products, but also this year, Samsung's flagship product, it has beautiful appearance and cool fashion popular performance design popular with young people. In the present trend in power,
Compaq keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard| personality, after their occupation of the consumer market of 80 half the time, not introduce new point of whimsy to the toy, how it can be attractive. Thus, a digital photo frame as a gift, can be considered a unique choice.

To Knight reputation in the digital consumer market, the Samsung SPF-1000P, with 10-inch large LED screen, like its name, 1000P also has a base design with a difference, like the knights of the horse generally unique. Appearance exquisite piano paint and TOS crystal base, there is love at first sight it makes sense, quite the visual impact, extremely luxurious. Performance, 1024 × 600 high resolution screen effects to make clear and smooth, and also supports audio and video playback, adding a variety of entertainment amenities. Child and his mother's photo on the inside, sit together with their parents enjoy, do not have a warm sense of Oh!

Mama Swatow Samsung Digital Photo Frame Mother's Day Lucky Draw

Such a fashion style digital photo frame, parents would not feel too hard buttoned? Of course not, especially with Samsung 1000P Bluetooth 2.0 functionality and remote control equipment, which shows more photos easy, but also easier for the elderly operation. In addition, 1000P also inherited the stars always touch buttons, nice and concise and practical, is a very good gift Oh!

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