May 12, 2010

A pair of mother and son separated after 21 years to recognize Mother's Day in

May 9 is Mother's Day. Morning, with the police to Zhangshao Xiu Xian Yuan Song and both were officially announced that they are after the biological mother-child relationship, which separated the mother and child up to 21 years in the final in the Mother's Day to recognize each other.

    Early in January this year, Shaanxi Province, to Xi'an Zhang Shaoxiu women Hanyin County Police, said 21 years ago, her two-month-old son was taken away Yuan Song and has been missing for various reasons over the years did not report to the public security organs, they are unsuccessful, a number of occasions to find the child, the child may now inquire into Nanyang City in Henan Province, but the exact address is unknown.

    After receiving the report, Xian-depth investigation the police were immediately deployed to find the child's whereabouts. After visiting, the public security organs had been a Xieqin Sheqi County in Nanyang City, farmers Wang to the police provided a valuable clue, said Ryu village villagers adopt a child in about 20 years ago, had a child, after has sent his wife,broethr broethr Fang Wu County erlangmiao Township home, the child has been called his uncle. At a time when Wu and his wife has died, leaving two boys, one named David Wu's like the police find the child. Police immediately went to Henan to lead Zhang Shaoxiu identification.

    The morning of May 6, in support of the police in Henan, police met with Wu, and began investigating his personal life. Day to 11 am, all kinds of evidence essential to determine, Wu Jianguo is taken away 21 years ago to Yuan Song. Zhang Shaoxiu mixed feelings after hearing the news. To further determine whether Wu Jianguo Zhang Shaoxiu and the biological mother-child relationship, investigators returned the next day with David Wu, a medical identification of Shaanxi.

    9 am, the Criminal Technology Division of Xi'an Public Security Bureau official to inform the police handling the case Lintong, after technicians overnight DNA test to determine Zhang Shaoxiu and David Wu (Chung Yuan) is really the biological mother-child relationship, Zhang Shaoxiu and 21 years lost son of the former official to recognize Yuan Song, reunion.


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