May 25, 2010

2010 Chinese Culture Festival Huaiyin • Oriental maternal grand opening

May 20 morning, the East China 2010 Huaiyin maternal Cultural Festival in the new park built in the East maternal grand opening. CPC Central Committee, Social and Legislative Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, vice director of the China Women Development Foundation Chairman Huang Qingyi, committee member of Chinese Writers Association, secretary of the Secretariat Zhang Shengyou, Provincial People's Congress deputy director of the Ding in China, the provincial CPPCC Vice-Chairman Chen Baotian, Sheng Wenlian President Gu Hao, president of People's Medical Publishing House Qi Xue-Jin, China Women's Development Foundation, the Secretary-General Tai Guoying, deputy secretary general of the provincial government Xiao Quan, President Zhang Jingxia Provincial Women's Federation, the World Women Summit Foundation Director Wu Qing, Chinese Academy of Wu Sculpture , executive vice president of China Association for Zhou Ming prose, city leaders LIU Yong, Chen Hongyu, Liu Xiping, Zhu Weining, Friends Chao Liu, Zhu friendly winter, our region has served as the county (district) party committees, District four classes子 leaders, representatives of business investment in the Huai, Huaiyin out outstanding persons on behalf of the township, district directly responsible for various departments who, on behalf of the community, elected "Huaiyin contemporary Piaomu" attended the opening ceremony. Mayor Greer presided over the opening ceremony.

Ding in China at the opening ceremony, said that culture is the soul of a nation with blood, reflects the national cohesion, the attraction and appeal. Huaiyin District adhere to the scientific concept of development in recent years, guidance, and vigorously promote the industrialization and urbanization, strong heritage historical context, to vigorously promote the culture of maternal love extends to people-oriented, in speeding up the process of building a harmonious Huaiyin Ningxinjuli, achieved fruitful results. Changes in the way of economic development in the critical period, Huaiyin District, Eastern motherly love by holding cultural festivals, the pace of opening up further Huaiyin to raise the visibility of Huaiyin, Huaiyin better display the history of culture, style and achievements of the times, which is Huaiyin District cadres and the masses through innovation to promote economic and social development of major initiatives. Hope to further expand the East Huaiyin District Cultural Festival maternal influence, and strive to be more innovative, more features, more effects, more effective in running the current, and promote sound and rapid development Huaiyin.

Party Secretary Liu Yongzhong said in his speech, the mother is the world's warmest, most intimate appellation, maternal love is the most beautiful on earth, the most noble and most timeless emotions. Maternal culture is an important part of traditional culture, but also a number of culture full of vitality, appeal and influence of cultural patterns. Two thousand years ago, Piaomu selfless food to the young sub-Han Xin, Han Xin make contributions after the return of gratitude, interpretation of the "daughter of a rice" moving chapter, and describe the age-old stories of selfless love, a "love Huaiyin" the history of the source and cultural roots. This sincere and selfless maternal nurturing great people here focus their assistance with mercy, love tolerance, famous, good quality will be reported is the Huai rare cultural heritage and spiritual wealth. Cultural Festival organized by the East motherly love is through praise Piaomu spirit, extolling the great maternal love, carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, mining precious and unique culture in our city and cultural wealth of the spirit, in order to further demonstrate Huai Yun culture, promote cultural characteristics God, speed up the cultural city building, constantly enhance the city's soft power and competitiveness. Hope that the dig Huaiyin true feelings of motherly love, full of culture, and constantly enriching and innovative content, and vigorously promote the selfless love of a beautiful human emotions, promote caring, and good habits of others, will result in Huaiyin maternal Festival hit unique brand of external publicity, demonstrate the importance of urban image carrier, a good platform to promote investment, to open a different competition to win special scientific development.

Party Secretary Liu Xuejun at the opening ceremony. He first representative of the district committee and National People's Congress, District Government, District Political Consultative Conference and the region's 900,000 people participated in the East to come to mother love festival leading members and guests a very warm welcome to all the world to the ordinary and great mothers my highest respect. Xuejun said the Millennium ancient Huaiyin County, Qin Dynasty, home county, in 2009 awarded by the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names of Ancient County of winning the Millennium. Huaiyin is the maternal love of all is the generation of soldiers and Huaxia Xian Xian Han Xin mother Piaomu home. Unnamed Piaomu, with its legendary fortune and the great selfless feelings, leave us a valuable legacy of the great maternal love, Piaomu image of motherly love has to be China, the cultural symbols and selfless love, love our Huaiyin culture of origin. Xuejun said that love is a cultural heritage Huaiyin building is a concept of governance, is a practical livelihood, is a development practice. In recent years, district party committee and government unite and lead the region's people to seriously practice the scientific concept of development, with innovative thinking, open attitude and high morale, for the region's rapid economic and social development, and has made unremitting efforts and achieved gratifying results. At this point, hold the East China 2010 Huaiyin maternal cultural festival that "maternal love of all building, construction, Huaiyin love", it is hoped that by virtue of inheritance Piaomu, promote love and culture, and vigorously promote "honesty, love, tolerance, and progressive" social practice, training of cadres loyal to my love of the heart area, people to help kindheartedness, social inclusion and compassionate, caring culture and enhance the attractiveness and appeal to the whole region to fully arouse the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship out of the region upper and lower attention to promoting the development of lead up, relying on the cultural festival as a carrier platform, Huaiyin rising popularity, showing Huaiyin new image and promote Huaiyin leapfrog development and strive for 3-5 years through the efforts of cadres of the evaluation index, the masses of well-being index , index of social civilization has been markedly improved. Implementation of "people oriented, with Germany as the first" People First concept is more to a firm, "love with mercy, famous, will be reported" more to love culture and prosperity, "the people satisfaction, logistical support" the people's livelihood is more to Pratt & Whitney, "competed to rise across the development" a more comprehensive strength to grow and strive to build itself into the East Huaiyin Holy Mother Love, love and cultural treasure, enriching Huimin blessed land beyond the development of high ground.

The opening ceremony, the daughter of Bing Xin Wu Qing literary master and Oriental sculpture Piaomu maternal theme park as the creator of the Wu Hill made a statement. Loving mother to take care of four orphans Li Yumei, silent world of the guides for Gengbao Xia, unfortunate girl's lucky star Jin Xiuhua, good Shiniang Chen Qiaorong fishermen's children, positive self-martyrs widow Lan-Ying Wang, emotional ties to home phoenix nest Wu Haixia, Gratitude gratitude " After 80, "Cai-Xia Zhang, poor people's close friends Zhu Guizhen, slip juvenile" Loving Mother "Zhang Shaoping, independent business leader in Guilan, etc. 10 of the first" modern Piaomu Huaiyin "were commended.

Huang Qingyi announced Huaiyin China 2010 Cultural Festival in the East motherly love.

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